Distillery shop

Distillery shop

The distillery shop is an integral part of Distillery Land where the tour ends with an offer to taste the RUDOLF JELINEK a.s., products. Here you can purchase a set of advertising items. The shop has monthly sales which enables you to obtain some the goods at a real bargain. read on Distillery shop



Standard tour - video, tour of the Holstein distillery - R. JELINEK museum - Whisky exposition - Homogenization room (giant cauldrons) - racking room - tasting room - tasting 3 types of products. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour. read on Excursion



Currently its export constitute 34% of the company's turnover. A significant section of export goes to Slovakia, while the USA, remains an important traditional customer. read on Export

Miracle called plum brandy

Miracle called plum brandy

The company RUDOLF JELÍNEK belongs among the greatest producers of fruit brandy in the world at present. It follows a 400 – year – old tradition of Slivovitz - making in Walachia. Not only Slivovitz can be found in the offer of the company but also Pear Brandy, Cherry Brandy, Apricot Brandy, Apple Brandy and many other nontraditional spirits.
The company´s latest production comprises of Plum Vodka, Plum Liqueur, Pear Williams Brandy, Praděd Herb Liqueur and Luhačovická Bylinná Herb Liqueur, Gold Cock Whisky and a plenty of other different products. read more Miracle called plum brandy

Traditional Czech drink


The marvel called slivovitz, is a plum distillate, which combines the real taste of fruits with more than a century-old tradition Wallachian tradition, closely guarded by the RUDOLF JELÍNEK company. Following of the traditions of the old masters of distillation together with the most modern facilities, makes our slivovitz a drink which will draw your interest by its history and origins and impress you with its quality and taste.


Slivovitz production has a long tradition. Since the 19th century Vizovice in n has been its centre. In the RUDOLF JELÍNEK company, however, we not only maintain the tradition, but thanks to our experience also contribute to its development. We have expanded our offer of classic white slivovitz by adding a gold slivovitz matured in oak barrels. By this the slivovitz acquires a golden colour along with a unique aroma and flavour. For the more discerning among you, we have prepared several special varieties of distillates, such as jubilee vintage slivovitz, non-traditional distillates and limited edition Vizovice slivovitz, prepared exclusively with local plums from our own orchards.


If your attention has been caught by slivovitz, but you are also still looking for other distillates, then you can certainly choose from our offer, which includes Williams pear brandy from the category of fruit distillates. There you can also find apricot and cherry distillates. Speciality distilles such as spirits made from strawberries, rowan berries and blueberries, can be found in the section non-traditional spirits.

Liquid fruit


Pear brandy, apple brandy, cherry brandy and apricot brandy are other fruit distillates which are prepared for you by the RUDOLF JELINEK company. Produced in the traditional way with their roots dating back to the 16th century when Vizovice became the centre of Moravian master distillers. Thanks to proven manufacturing processes you can now enjoy fruit distillates of the highest quality.


Pear brandy and Williams pear brandy are distilled for you under the supervision of Vizovice master distillers in Chile from the best South American pears, which are then transported in vats to Vizovice where the production process is completed. Here we distill kosher pear brandy for you as well as the remaining fruit distillates. Each of the distillates is made from ripe fruit mash with three-stage distillation and then aged in stainless steel vats, where a harmonisation of aroma and flavour and overall "roundedness" takes place. Thanks to traditional practices and the latest technologies we bring you the true taste of fruit.


In our selection of fruit distillates you can find Williams pear brandy, kosher Williams pear brandy, apricot brandy, apple brandy and others.

Well known lesser known fruits in unusual form


In Vizovice we prepare for you, not only traditional slivovitz and other traditional fruit distillates such as apple brandy and apricot brandy, but also a number of less common spirits that are still made ​​using typical Czech raw materials, whether fruit or beer. Vizovice in Wallachia has a famous tradition of distillate production, which began in the 16th century and therefore it is not surprising that during such a long time period, local master distillers experimented with the distillation of many other fruits. This resulted in a series of 14 non-traditional spirits that are made from forest fruits, beer, and other specialties such as red rowanberries and quince. The uncommoness of certain raw materials means that distillates are only available in very limited quantities and tasting is truly a unique experience.


In our line of non-traditional spirits, you can find: yellow plums, sour cherries, blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, red rowanberries, rowanberries, blackberries, quinces, strawberries, beer, Moravian jadernička apples, wild sloes and sea buckthorn.


In addition to these non-traditional spirits we have also prepared for you traditional slivovitz and classic fruit distillates.

Whiskey, gin etc.

In this category we offer a range of brand products which complement the assortment of the RUDOLF JELÍNEK company. In our offer you will find the oldest brand of Czech whiskey Gold Cock whiskey, in both 3 year-old and 12 year-old formats, whose production was taken over from Distillery Dolany by the RUDOLF JELÍNEK company.


The final group of products in this category is composed of drawn distillates of juniper berries, as local Slovácká gin.

Herbal and fruit liqueurs


The RUDOLF JELÍNEK company offers you a wide range of liqueurs, both herbal and fruit. The herbal liqueurs include Luhačovice herb, a liqueur which is prepared from a unique blend of 13 herbs and herbaceous shoots, which was named after a nearby spa, and Praděd liqueur, which has its origins from 16 herbs and spices.


Fruit liqueurs include, among others, sour cherry Griotte and Plum liqueur, which could not be omitted from our offer. The category is supplemented by a series of strongly fruity Premium liqueurs, which offer you the taste of pears, plums, strawberries or cranberries.


The newest addition to this caregory is Bohemian Honey liqueur, which combines the taste of genuine three year-old slivovitz with the flavour and aroma of linden honey.


The final herbal liqueur is the legendary Absinthe, known primarily due to its high alcohol content.


In addition to these original liqueurs RUDOLF JELÍNEK also offers many kinds of slivovitzvodkawhiskey and others.



Vodka is without a doubt the most popular alcoholic beverage, not only in Czech Republic but all over the world. Therefore, we decided to prepare for you R. JELÍNEK vodka, an original plum vodka with the flavour of plums and pear vodka with the flavour of pears.


In the production of vodka we use specially treated water and extra-fine grain alcohol, gving R. JELINEK vodka a delicate, neutral flavour. The second of our vodkas is Plum vodka, which confirms our designation as plum specialists. It is recognizable by its pleasant aroma of plum character, the taste is smooth and clean. The third vodka is Pear vodka, which is a vodka with the flavour of juicy pears made ​​from extra-fine ethyl alcohol of domestic origin.


Vodkas are not the only products in our offer, which do not belong to the fruit distillate category. You can also find a number of liqueurs as well as whiskey and others.

Distributed brands


The RUDOLF JELÍNEK company offers you not only beverages from their own production but also beverages from their subsidiaries and other companies whose product range compliments the offer of our own company.


Namely from the companies: Berentzen, Fratelli Branca, Heaven Hill, Milan Metelka and Stroh.

Švejk series


The Švejk series is a line of traditional spirits produced by classical methods using modern technological processes. Their essence consists in mixing fine molasses, ethyl alcohol, aromas, sugar and other components. The series includes rum, vodka, peppermint and griotte.


The Good Soldier Švejk has become an ideal representative for this traditional series of spirits, known by every Czech customer and not to be found missing in any restaurant menu or home. Despite the lower price of the series we also manufacture these products using the latest technology, yet from old, traditional recipes. We can be so bold as to declare that our Švejk is exactly what its customers expect.