Mixed cocktails

You can of course sample our first-class products neat, but you can also successfully develop your taste fantasies with mixed drinks. For this reason, we have prepared a few ideas for you.
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Slivovitz traditional serving

Jelinek Slivovitz is traditionally drunk at room temperatures or moderately chilled – that is the best way how to reveal its full flavor and aroma. 

Wallachian Drowned

The “Wallachian Drowned” represents an original way of relishing Jelinek Slivovitz with a small prune. Dried prune on a pick delivers plum brandy pleasantly sweet flavor.

Pear ritual

Pour the Pear Brandy into the glass, add a piece of a stewed pear on a pick and tune the taste with a few drops of the stewed fruit juice. Take the pick with the pear out of your glass, toast with your friends (using either the glass or the pear), enjoy your Pear Brandy and close up by eating the sweet pear bite.