Traditional apricot brandy

Traditional distillate from apricots


Apricot brandy is a clear distillate characterized by the sweet smell of apricots with a slight undertone of pits and a delicate fruity taste that ladies also can enjoy. Tradition distillation in Vizovice dates back to the 16th century. Plums of course were dominant, along with the resulting slivovitz, however, in the 19th century, several Vizovice distillers had already engaged in the production of apricot brandy, due to the fact that apricots have been grown successfully in South Moravia since time immemorial. RUDOLF JELÍNEK has built on this longtime tradition by using production processes, together with the latest technologies to guarantee the highest quality.


Apricot brandy is produced by three-stage distillation of ripe apricot mash in which the pits are present during the entire period of aging, with their tannins giving the distillate its characteristic flavour. The whole production process is completed with a minimum of one-year aging, during which a harmonisation of aroma and flavour are imparted to the distillate.


To achieve the maximum development of flavour and aroma of apricot brandy, we recommend serving at room temperature, as this is the only way to fully appreciate its quality.


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