Bolkovica (Slivovitz)

Bolkovica, slivovitz to enjoy


Bolkovica is slivovice to enjoy, which we prepared as a special treat, presented on the occasion of the 50th birthday of the Wallachian artist and actor Bolek Polivka, whose hometown is Vizovice.


Fruit distillate has been produced in Wallachia since the 16th century. The  RUDOLF JELINEK company preserves traditional production methods to bring you this drink produced by a three-stage distillation of ripe plum mash. Our Slivovitz can be identified by the typical sweetish aroma of the pits and its fruity character. Thanks to traditional production practices our slivovitz is delicate and moderately aromatic. Bolkovica is offered in gift packaging.


As well as Bolkovica you can find many other types of slivovitz in our selection, such as jubilee vintage slivovitz, gold slivovitz and kosher slivovitz of varying degrees of aging.

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