Chequers brandy

The rarest Moravian spirit – rowanberry brandy


Rowanberry brandy is prepared ​​from the now rare species of service tree and is legendary especially in Moravia. It is considered by many to be the best spirit of all. It is characterized by its aroma and flavour reminiscent of ripe fruit of rowanberries, which come from a tree that is not very resistant to climate change, so the fruits are a true rarity. The spirit is prepared from rowanberries with a high degree of ripeness, by continuous distillation, which uses distillation columns. This production process ensures the preservation of the maximum amount of aroma and flavour of the fruit.


In addition to rowanberry brandy, in our line of non-traditional spirits you can also find brandies from Moravian jadernička apples, blackberries and mirabelle.