Moravian apple brandy

The best from apples


Moravian apple brandy is a fruit distillate prepared from the ripe mash of a selected variety of apples. The distillate is characterized by a smooth and sweet flavour. Apple brandy, is essentially a regional equivalent of French Calvados, produced for you by three-stage distillation. The distillate is aged at least one year in stainless steel vats to impart a roundedness, so that you can appreciate its delicate flavour and aroma.


The tradition of producing fruit distillates in Vizovice has its origins in the 16th century. The dominant feature of the area is undoubtedly its plums and slivovitz, but this is not the only product of our master distillers. In Vizovice, using the latest technology whilst respecting traditional practices, we distill many kinds of fruit for you, one of them being a regionally grown variety of apple called Moravian jadernička.


For complete development of aroma and flavour we recommend serving apple brandy at room temperature, only then will you be able to fully appreciate its flavour and aroma.


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