Sour cherry brandy

Sour cherry brandy, is a well known fruit in an uncommon form


Sour cherry brandy by R. JELÍNEK is a genuine fruit distillate of the highest quality. It is characterized by the slightly sour taste of cherries, which is caused by the ideal ratio of sugars and acids contained in dark sour cherries. In the production of this spirit continuous distillation is used, which works on the principle of distillation columns. These allow us to maintain maximum aroma and flavour of the fruit. Many years of experience in the production of fruit distillates and respect for the traditions of the old master distillers guarantee that you obtain the best spirit from sour cherries of Czech origin.


Sour cherry brandy is one of our line of non-traditional spirits, among which you can also find brandy from strawberries, an unusual brandy from rowanberries and brandy with the flavour of red rowanberries.