Silver slivovitz kosher for passover

Silver kosher slivovitz suitable for Passover


Silver kosher slivovitz is a very specific fruit distillate, which combines the traditional methods of the RUDOLF JELÍNEK brand with the strict rules of the American Jewish organization, Orthodox Union. It is this combination that guarantees the highest quality and suitability of this drink for the Jewish holiday of Passover.


Silver kosher slivovitz is a clear distillate with a sweetish aroma of pits and a delicate, fruity flavour, slightly reminiscent of almonds, thanks to the presence of pits in fthe mash. For production, only the finest hand-picked varieties of home-grown plums are used. The distillate which arises after a three-step distillation is not subject to aging, but only allowed to rest before bottling to achive a harmonious balance.


The  kosher designation can only be provided to products guaranteed by the Ortodox Union, which requires the presence of a representative at each of the manufacturing steps. Only by obtaining a certificate from the Ortodox Union can it be described as kosher slivovitz. Silver kosher slivovitz was originally intended for the overseas market, but we have decided to offer it to the Czech market also, so you too can  you can enjoy this unique destillate, hidden inside its exclusive packaging.


The distillate is preferably consumed at a temperature consistent with its surroundings.This way the full development of aroma and flavour are achieved so you can best appreciate this masterpiece of Vizovice master distillers.


In our offer we have prepared a kosher variety of gold slivovitz, 5 year-old gold kosher slivovitz. If you are looking for non kosher slivovitz, then you will certainly appreciate our classic slivovitz or special gold slivovitz.

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