Slivovitz kosher gold 10YR old

Gold kosher slivovitz aged for ten years


Gold kosher slivovitz is an unparalleled distillate, which combines unique gold slivovitz and the stringent rules of the Orthodox Union. To bring you this treasure, RUDOLF JELINEK allows ten years for aging, thereby achieving a fruit distillate of the highest quality.


Gold kosher slivovitz is a distillate which has been aged for ten years in wooden barrels made ​​of oak. As it ages in the barrels the distillate acquires a distinctive colour and aroma reminiscent of cognac or brandy, while still retaining its typical fruity flavour, which is enriched with woody undertones. Gold slivovitz achieves these unique properties thanks to production processes which were implemented by the Jelinek brothers in 1923 when they teamed up with French company Denis Mounié. The RUDOLF JELINEK company has guarded this tradition for you to this day, and the entire process of gold kosher slivovitz is also overseen by representatives of the American Orthodox Union. The exclusivity of this beverage is underlined by its luxury packaging.


For the best development of aroma and flavour we recommend consuming at room temperature.


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