Plum liqueur

Plum liqueur – plums from the specialists


Plum liqueur is a liqueur, which could not be ommited from the Rudolf Jelinek range. This sweet and sour liqueur is characterized by a harmony of the flavours of plum compote with the aroma of plum pits. In production of this liqueur we use sweet plum juice, extra-fine ethyl alcohol and wild sloe distillate. Thanks to this, Plum liqueur is appreciated by lovers of sweet liqueurs, and also fans of distillates. With some exaggeration we can say that Plum liqueur combines the warm rays of the summer sun with the earthiness of Wallachian soil.


Plum liqueur falls into the category of fruit liqueurs along with Griotte and the Premium series, included among herb liqueurs you can find Luhačovice herb.