The original dairy liqueur range is characterized by its softness and harmony of the flavours of Czech milk, cream and natural aromatic substances. Heat treatment of premium ingredients using our unique technological equipment ensures high quality and long shelf life without the use of chemical preservatives -  guaranteed for three years. Definitely worth noting is that our range of Milky liqueurs on the market comes in transparent bottles, unlike similar products, which are draped in dark or opaque bottles which hide their contents. In the case of Milky liqueurs, because you wouldn't buy a pig in a poke, you can check our quality just by looking.




Traditional herbal bitter spirit containing thujone. French names of METELKA Absinthe (Verdoyante, Couperosée, Naturelle) remind you that the likely area of ​​origin of this mysterious spirit is France. Our family recipe originated in the 1930's and is composed of herbal macerate (for each type we use a different ratio and composition of herbs) and herbal distillate from the holy trinity of herbs, wormwood, anise and fennel (one of the recognized methods of production of Absinthe in the EU) . This production method is traditional for all METELKA Absinthe and historically meets the sensory requirements of the Czech consumer. It is sought by customers from all over the world because of its originality.



This original liqueur with the amazing flavour of herbs and fruits didn't come on the market just by chance. Its  tradition and original recipe are undeniable the liqueur guarantees an unforgettable experience upon consumption. The recipe has been passed down since its origins in 1937. At that time the company's founder, Mr. Antonín Metelka had the idea to start producing liqueurs, this was created at the request of the hunting association for a recipe for their Hubertus liqueur. His efforts resulted in the rather complex composition of a mixture of herbs, fruit juices and distillates.




Each SHAKER liqueur has an original flavour and aroma, created using high quality natural ingredients and aromatic essences. The main idea of this product line is, "Mix-yourself a good drink at home." SHAKER is unique in its label design and the bottles themselves. They have been designed specifically for this series and  are reminiscent of the most famous bartender' s tool for making cocktails. Due to their balance, Shaker bottles are suitable for a variety of acrobatic displays by bartenders. The liqueurs are especially perfect for mixed drinks, but thanks to their high quality are also suitable for consuming straight.




The SPICY product line was developed with an emphasis on reaching the youngest age groups, which means 18 and over. Spicy liqueur is a good image. Young consumers drink SPICY as part of their image. The mysterious bottle with Mexican motifs and fire, distinguish this product line from low-percentage flavoured vodkas. SPICY ENERGY with its ​​energy-drink flavour and medium spiciness tries to reach modern looking boys who like to show-off their physical beauty and youthful energy.